Small Fund Award - GJC 2009

The present GJC 2009 is again implementing the Small Fund Award of € 5,000 per winning project from poor areas of the world. So far, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale has collected € 15,000, meaning that three prizes of € 5,000 each are available.



Small Fund Award - GJC 2004

The GJC 2004 saw the emergence of the Small Fund Award aimed at giving a direct financial contribution to projects from poor areas of the world, selected from those that participated and became finalists in the Global Junior Challenge. The award amounted at €5000 per project and the funding available was the equivalent of the value of additional 500,000 clicks (at €0.05 per click) gathered by the date of the GJC 2004. This amounted to €25,000. Fifteen percent of this amount (€3,750) was discounted for purposes of running the site, leaving €21,250 for projects. Adding this amount to the €14,350 left from the previous GJC 2002 produced a final total of €35,600 available for GJC 2004 projects from poor areas of the world.


To receive the award, the selected projects were requested to present a Development Plan detailing the investment of the €5000 in a way that would help advance the development of the project. If any of the projects faced difficulties in preparing such development plans, the FMD provided support, thus contributing additional value to the projects. The purpose of the Development Plans was twofold: (a) help the leaders of the projects to define clearly the use of the €5,000 to reinforce the development of their projects; and (b) to leave the projects with a document that would help them in their own fund-raising activities.



small fund award photo 1small fund award photo 2small fund award photo 3small fund award photo 4

Projects receiving Small Fund Award.



Five projects were selected to receive the Small Fund Award of €5,000 each (See Table 1).








The award to the five projects used up €25,000 of the €35,600 available from the clicking money for projects from poor areas of the world. This left a sum of €10,600 to be carried forward to the next Global Junior Challenge.