Project benefiting from GJC clicking funding 2007
Cooperazione Italiana funding pledge

By the time of the Global Junior Challenge 2007, the clicking mechanism of the had reached almost 2 million clicks, meaning that 1 million additional clicks had been gathered between the GJC 2004 and the GJC 2007. One million clicks at €0.05 per click translates into €50,000 to be made available for projects from poor areas of the world selected from amongst the finalists of the Challenge. Fifteen percent of this amount (€7,500) should have been discounted for purposes of running the site, leaving €42,500 for projects. Adding this amount to the €10,600 left from the previous GJC 2004 produced a final total of €53,100 available for GJC 2007 projects from poor areas of the world.


The amount of €53,100 from the clicks at €0.05 was to be hugely overtaken by €425,000 made available by the Cooperazione Italiana for GJC 2007 projects from poor areas of the world. This has led to a revolution in the concept of fixed value per click (€0.05 per click), since at this value we would need over 8 million clicks to be able release the €425,000 to the 8 winning projects from poor areas of the world. We have adopted a simple solution by increasing the value of every click from its €0.05 to a flexible amount that cover the €425,000. With the available 1 million clicks, this amounts to just over €0.42 per click.


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Eight pictures of the Head of Cooperazione Italiana giving the awards.


Table 1 shows the 8 projects from poor areas of the world (Bangladesh, Ecuador, Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Uruguay) selected to share the fund of €425,000 committed by the Cooperazione Italiana of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The projects from Bangladesh, Ecuador and Uganda will receive up to a maximum of €100,000 each, while those of Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Uruguay will receive up to a maximum of €25,000 each.


The release of the funds is subject to the projects presenting a Development Plan detailing the activities and use of the money. The funds will become available afterwards. For this purpose, the Cooperazione Italiana is devising a new mechanism since it is the first time that they support projects selected from a global competition such as the Global Junior Challenge.








The new experience alters radically the concept of the clicking system as applied so far.


First, no discount of 15% applies to the sum of 425,000. The full amount goes to the projects in the manner illustrated in Table 1.


Second, the simple solution applied underscores the importance of flexibility in the relationship between available funds and amount of clicks gathered. For this reason, from now onwards, the click will operate as a floating currency, that is, its value will be determined by the ratio between the available funding and the actual number of clicks gathered at a given point in time. Thus, sometimes the € value will be higher, some other times will be lower. On this occasion, we are happy to say that the value of the click has risen eightfold from its original €0.05 to over €0.42.