The Award Ceremony
At the Campidoglio City Hall


The Award Ceremony of the GJC 2009 will take place at the historic Julius Caesar Room of the Campidoglio City Hall, the site of government of the City of Rome.  The Ceremony will award three sets of prizes: 




campid    cesare





the overall winners of the overall GJC 2009 will receive the statue of the symbol of the foundation of the City of Rome, the she-wolf;





the three best Italian projects on ICT-based educational innovation will receive a cup each; and





a selection of three best projects from poor areas of the world will receive €5,000 each. 




The prizes are customarily given by city authorities in front of an audience of leaders of winning project, mostly educational and social innovators, ambassadors of winning countries and, of course, many kids and youngsters participating in the projects.



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